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Poetry in the Making (1967)
Poetry Is (American Edition, 1970)

Note: Three Talks were excluded from Poetry Is. These are »Writing a Novel: Beginning«, »Writing a Novel: Going On«, and »Words and Experience.«

»Capturing Animals« [– Hughes talks about his own approach to writing poetry, which he likens to capturing animals and keeping them alive. The talk also offers biographical information about his passion for hunting, fishing and stalking animals as a boy.]

»Wind and Weather« [– Hughes talks about writing about weather and its extremes.]

»Writing about People«

»Learning to think« [– Hughes talks about thinking and concentrating, excercises and other ways of approaching the topic of one's writing.]

»Writing about Landscape«

»Writing a Novel: Beginning«

»Writing a Novel: Going On«

»Meet my Folks« [– Hughes talks about his collection of poems by the same name (Meet my Folks). The chapter also ties in with what he mentioned in previous chapters on Writing about People.]

»Moon Creatures« [– A talk about his collection The Earth-Owl.]

»Words and Experience« [– A talk about imagination, the power of words and actual experience. How closely can words match actual experience? How can we possess our own experience? etc. This talk, I believe, was not part of the original "Listening and Writing" Series but must have been important to Hughes so he chose to include it in the collection]