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Table of Contents

Note: CROW was published in several slightly different versions while a considerable number of poems from the original project were published separately in limited editions or subsequent collections. For a list of Crow poems published to date, please see the Collected Poems]

Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow (1972, expanded edition)

Two Legends
Examination at the Womb-Door
A Kill
Crow and Mama
The Door
A Childish Prank
Crow's First Lesson
Crow Alights
That Moment
Crow Hears Fate Knock on the Door
Crow Tyrannosaurus
Crow's Account of the Battle
The Black Beast
A Grin
Crow Communes
Crow's Account of St George
A Disaster
The Battle of Osfrontalis
Crow's Theology
Crow's Fall
Crow and the Birds
Criminal Ballad
Crow on the Beach
The Contender
Oedipus Crow
Crow's Vanity
A Horrible Religious Error
Crow Tries the Media
Crow's Nerve Fails
In Laughter
Crow Frowns
Magical Dangers
Robin Song
Conjuring in Heaven
Crow Goes Hunting
Owl's Song
Crow's Undersong
Crow's Elephant Totem Song
Dawn's Rose
Crow's Playmates
The Smile
Crow Improvises
Crow's Battle Fury
Crow Blacker than Ever
Revenge Fable
A Bedtime Story
Crow's Song of Himself
Crow Sickened
Song for a Phallus
Apple Tragedy
Crow Paints Himself into a Chinese Mural
Crow's Last Stand
Crow and the Sea
Truth Kills Everybody
Crow and Stone
Fragment of an Ancient Tablet
Notes for a Little Play
Snake Hymn
King of Carrion
Two Eskimo Songs
   1. Fleeing from Eternity
   2. How Water Began to Play