Drystone Wall with Light falling through


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Table of Contents

River (1983)

The Morning before Christmas

Japanese River Tales

Flesh of Light

New Year

Whiteness [Primer of Birds poem]

Four March Watercolours


The Merry Mink

Salmon-taking Times

Under the Hill of Centurions

A Cormorant

Stump Pool in April

Go Fishing

Milesian Encounter an the Sligachan

Ophelia [Orts poem]

Creation of Fishes

River Barrow

West Dart


After Moonless Midnight

An August Salmon

The Vintage of River is Unending

Night Arrival of Sea-Trout

The Kingfisher [Primer of Birds poem]

That Morning


Last Night


In the Dark Violin of the Valley

Low Water

A Rival [Primer of Birds poem]

August Evening

Last Act

September Salmon

Eighty and Still Fishing for Salmon

September [Not the same poem as the one with the same title in Hawk in the Rain (Sagar/Tabor)]

An Eel

Fairy Flood


October Salmon

Visitation [from Three River Poems]


Salmon Eggs