Drystone Wall with Light falling through


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Table of Contents

Flowers and Insects. Some Birds and a Pair of Spiders (1986)


A Violet at Lough Aughresberg



Two Tortoiseshell Butterflies

Cyclamens in a Bowl

Saint's Island

Where I Sit Writing My Letter

Tern [PRIMER OF BIRDS poem; Keith Sagar & Stephen Tabor state that this poem »originally appeared in manuscript in copy J of the Scolar Press Cave Birds«]

Sketch of a Goddess

The Honey Bee

In the Likeness of a Grasshopper

Sunstruck Foxglove


Big Poppy

Nightjar [PRIMER OF BIRDS poem]

An Almost Thornless Crown (Titania Correographs a Ballet, Using Her Attendants) [Laureate Poem, see Rain-Charm for the Duchy]