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Winter Pollen (1994/1995)

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(From London Magazine, Vol. I No. 2, 1962).

»Fantastic Happenings and Gory Adventures«
(Orig. draft of article from Meet and Write Book 2, ed. by Sandy and Alan Brownjohn, 1987).

»The Burnt Fox« (previously unpublished short story, 1993).

»Poetry in the Making: Three Extracts«
(From Poetry in the Making, 1967): »Capturing Animals«»Learning to Think«»Words and Experience«

»A Word about Writing in Schools«
(From Pushkin Prizes Schools Prize Brochure, 1989).

»Concealed Energies«
(From Children as Writers 2, 1975).

»Strong Feelings«
(Review of C.M. Bowra, Primitive Song (1962) from the Listener, 3 May 1962).

(Review of Philip O'Connor, Vagrancy (1963), from the New Statesman, 6 September 1963).

»Asgard for Addicts«
(Review of L.O.G. Turville-Petre, Myth and Religion of the North (1964), from the Listener, 19 March 1964).

»Unfinished Business«
(From New York Times Book Review, April 1964).

»Dr Dung«
(Review of M. Rokeach, The Three Christs of Ypsilanti (1964), from the New Statesman, 4 September 1964).

»Opposing Selves«
(Review of The Letters of A. Pushkin, ed. and transl. by J. T. Shaw (1964), from the Listener, 1 October 1964).

(Review of L. MacNeice, Astrology (1964), and of Lethbridge, Ghost and Divining Rod (1963), from the Listener, 2 October 1964).

(From the Listener, 29 October 1964).

»Revelations: The Genius of Isaac Bashevis Singer«
(From the New York Review of Books, 22 April 1965).

»Music of Humanity«
(Review of The Faber Book of Ballads, ed. by Matthew Hodgart (1965), from the Guardian, 14 May 1965).

»National Ghost«
(Review of Men Who March Away: Poems of the First World War, ed by I. M. Parsons (1965), from the Listener, 5 August 1965).

»Tricksters and Tar Babies«
(Review of J. Greenway, Literature Among the Primitives (1964) and The Primitive Reader (1965), from New York Review of Books, 9 December 1965).

»Heavenly Visions«
(Review of Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas, ed. By C. Fitzgibbon (1966), from the New Statesman, 25 November 1966).

»The Hanged Man and the Dragonfly«
(Introduction to The Collected Prints of Leonard Baskin, 1984).

»The Great Theme: Notes on Shakespeare«
(Introduction to A Choice of Shakespeare's Verse, 1971).

»Orghast: Talking without Words«
(From Vogue, December 1971).

»The Environmental Revolution«
(Review of M. Nicholson, The Environmental Revolution (1970), from Your Environment I, Summer 1970).

»Emily Dickinson«
(Introduction to A Choice of Emily Dickinson's Verse, 1968).

»Sylvia Plath: Ariel«
(From Poetry Book Society Bulletin, No. 44, February 1965).

»Publishing Sylvia Plath«
(From the Observer, 21 November 1971).

»Collecting Sylvia Plath«

»Sylvia Plath and Her Journals«

»Sylvia Plath: The Evolution of ›Sheep in Fog‹« (previously unpublished)

»Sylvia Plath's Collected Poems and The Bell Jar« (only in American Edition)

»Keith Douglas«
(Introduction to Selected Poems: Keith Douglas, 1964).

»Postscript 1: Douglas and Owen. Letter to the editor«, 2 February 1988.

»Postscript 2: ›Adams‹ and ›The Sea Bird‹, Letter to the editor«, 8 May 1988.

»Vasko Popa«
(Introduction to Vasko Popa: Collected Poems, 1969; 1978; 1989).

»János Pilinszky«
(Introduction to János Pilinszky: Selected Poems, 1976; 1989).

»Laura Riding«
(From E. Faas, The Unaccommodated Universe, 1980).

»Crow on the Beach«
(From 45 Contemporary Poems: The Creative Process, ed. Alberta T. Turner, 1985).

»Inner Music«
(Introduction to LAMDA's Anthology of Verse and Prose, vol. 12, 1988).

»Keats on the Difference between the Dreamer and the Poet«
(Reply to a Correspondent, c. 1986).

»Poetry and Violence: Two questions posed by Ekbert Faas«
(An expansion of part of the argument from Faas' interview of 1971. 1992). (previously unpublished)

»The Poetic Self: A Centenary Tribute to T. S. Eliot«
(From A Dancer to God, 1992).

»Shakespeare and Occult Neoplatonism« (1993).

»Myths, Metres, Rhythms« (1993). (previously unpublished)

»The Snake in the Oak«
(on Coleridge, also in A Choice of Coleridge's Work, 1996). (previously unpublished)