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Table of Contents

By Heart. 101 Poems to Remember (1997)

Introduction: Memorising Poems

  1. William Shakespeare: ›The Witches' Song‹ from Macbeth
  2. Alfred, Lord Tennyson: The Eagle
  3. A. E. Housman: ›On Wenlock Edge‹
  4. Rudyard Kipling: James I
  5. Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken
  6. W. H. Auden: The Fall Of Rome
  7. Gerard Manley Hopkins: Inversnaid
  8. W. B. Yeats: He Hears The Cry Of The Sedge
  9. T. S. Eliot: Lines For An Old Man
  10. Anonymous: Donal Og
  11. William Wordsworth: Upon Westminster Bridge
  12. Alexander Pope: From An Epistle To Dr Arbuthnot
  13. Keith Douglas: How To Kill
  14. Wilfred Owen: Anthem For Doomed Youth
  15. Edward Thomas: The Combe
  16. John Milton: On The Late Massacre In Piedmont
  17. R. S. Thomas: Here
  18. John Betjeman: Meditation On The A30
  19. William Blake: The Tyger
  20. John Keats: On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer
  21. Percy Bysshe Shelley: Ozymandias
  22. Emily Dickinson: ›Like Rain It Sounded‹
  23. Anonymous: Mad Tom's Song
  24. Lewis Carroll: Jabberwocky
  25. Andrew Young: Field Glasses
  26. Walter De La Mare: An Epitaph
  27. William Shakespeare: My Mistress' Eyes
  28. T. S. Eliot: La Figla Che Piange
  29. Robert Frost: Provide, Provide
  30. John Keats: La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  31. D. H. Lawrence: Piano
  32. William Wordsworth: The Solitary Reaper
  33. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Kubla Khan
  34. T. S. Eliot: Marina
  35. W. B. Yeats: ›A Woman's Beauty‹
  36. F. R. Higgins: Song For The Clatter-Bones
  37. John Betjeman: A Subaltern's Love-Song
  38. William Shakespeare: ›Other Slow Arts‹
  39. William Blake: Long John Brown And Little Mary Bell
  40. Gerard Manley Hopkins: Spring And Fall
  41. Thomas Wyatt: ›They Flee From Me‹
  42. William Shakespeare: ›Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun‹
  43. W. H. Auden: ›Stop All The Clocks‹
  44. William Blake: The Smile
  45. John Crowe Ransom: Blue Girls
  46. John Donne: The Relique
  47. Dylan Thomas: A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London
  48. Ezra Pound: The Return
  49. Seamus Heaney: The Skunk
  50. William Shakespeare: ›That Time Of Year Thou Mayst In Me Behold‹
  51. W. B. Yeats: Easter 1916
  52. William Wordsworth: Tintern Abbey
  53. Rudyard Kipling: The Way Through The Woods
  54. Thomas Hardy: Beeny Cliff
  55. Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Windhover
  56. Emily Dickinson: ›There's A Certain Slant Of Light‹
  57. William Blake: Auguries Of Innocence
  58. W. E. Henley: Invictus
  59. William Shakespeare: ›The Heavens Themselves, The Planets‹
  60. Wilfred Owen: Strange Meeting
  61. Robert Frost: The Runaway
  62. Dylan Thomas: Poem In October
  63. William Empson: The Small Bird To The Big
  64. Sylvia Plath: Crossing The Water
  65. W H. Auden: Musee Des Beaux Arts
  66. Stevie Smith: Not Waving But Drowning
  67. Philip Larkin: Livings (Part 2)
  68. W. H. Auden: ›Carry Her Over The Water‹
  69. John Crowe Ransom: Winter Remembered
  70. Wilfred Owen: Dulce Et Decorum Est
  71. William Shakespeare: ›Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds‹
  72. John Crowe Ransom: Bells For John Whiteside's Daughter
  73. T. S. Eliot: The Journey Of The Magi
  74. Robert Frost: Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
  75. William Shakespeare: ›Tir'd With All These, For Restful Death I Cry‹
  76. W. B. Yeats: Leda And The Swan
  77. Emily Dickinson: ›This World Is Not Conclusion‹
  78. Gerard Manley Hopkins: Binsey Poplars
  79. W. B. Yeats: ›Come Let Us Mock At The Great‹
  80. William Wordsworth: The Simplon Pass
  81. Thomas Hardy: The Darkling Thrush
  82. William Shakespeare: ›My Love Is As A Fever‹
  83. W. B. Yeats: Roger Casement
  84. William Wordsworth: ›A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal‹
  85. William Shakespeare: ›Not Mine Own Fears, Nor The Prophetic Soul‹
  86. John Donne: Song
  87. Emily Dickinson: ›A Wind That Rose‹
  88. John Keats: To Autumn
  89. William Blake: The Sick Rose
  90. Robert Frost: Spring Pools
  91. William Shakespeare: ›To Be, Or Not To Be‹ from Hamlet
  92. T. S. Eliot: Mr Apollinax
  93. William Shakespeare: ›To-Morrow, And To-Morrow, And To-Morrow‹
  94. W. B. Yeats: Death
  95. T. S. Eliot: Death By Water
  96. W. B. Yeats: The Second Coming
  97. Emily Dickinson: ›There Came A Wind‹
  98. William Shakespeare: ›Our Revels Now Are Ended‹
  99. Robert Frost: Neither Out Far Nor In Deep
  100. W. H. Auden: This Lunar Beauty
  101. Elizabeth Barrett Browning: A Musical Instrument