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Table of Contents

The Dreamfighter (Collected Creation Tales) (2003)

This book bears the same title as Ted Hughes third collection of Creation Tales. The Dreamfighter and other Creation Tales. It collects the stories from How the Whale Became (1963), Tales of the Early World (1988) and The Dreamfighter (1995); an unpublished story and »Where is the Key to the Universe« (published separately in 1995) that were originally scheduled for inclusion are not in the book (though listed on the imprint page).


How the Whale Became

(»Long ago when the world was brand new...«)
Why the Owl Behaves as it does
How the Whale Became
How the Fox Came to be where it is
How the Polar Bear Became
How the Hyena Became
How the Tortoise Became
How the Bee Became
How the Cat Became
How the Donkey Became
How the Hare Became
How the Elephant Became


Tales of the Early World

How Sparrow Saved the Birds
The Guardian
The Trunk
The Making of Parrot
The Invaders
The Snag
The Playmate
The Shawl of the Beauty of the World
The Dancers


The Dreamfighter

The Dreamfighter
How God Got His Golden Head
The Moon and Loopy Downtail
The Gambler
The Screw
The Grizzly Bear and the Human Child
The Last of the Dinosaurs
The Secret of Man's Wife